LiteSpeed cache vs WP Rocket

by Pritam Panda
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You may hear of cache plugin used in websites, but do you know why they are used? Let’s start & compare LiteSpeed Cache vs WP Rocket.

The cache plugins are used to reduce the loading time of web page because whenever user visits the site from his browser the particular web page requires to request the server for database enquirers this leads to load all the elements of web page like header, images etc. This increases the loading time of website. To reduce this cache plugins are made cache plugins helps to decrease loading time of website, this happens when the cache plugin is enabled the cache plugin instructs the server to store some files in disk, so when the next time user visits the site he gets a faster performance in loading time of website.

There are  many cache plugins available for wordpress but in this article we will talk about these two plugin caches which are used widely in wordpress websites. Both of them mention themselves as best, but with a quick comparison we will conclude which cache plugin will be best for you to optimize your website.

Compare LiteSpeed Cache VS WP Rocket:

We will compare it on basis of these following things :

  • Cost
  • E commerce
  • Caching
  • Premium services
  • Benchmarks
  • Provided services


Cost - Litespeed cache vs WP Rocket
WP rocket   Wp rocket do not offer free trial period but they have an option od 14-day money back guarantee.There license starts with $49/year.Litespeed   Litespeed cache plugin is free while it has also prices according to site owner needs.Free for single site owners.For enterprise license the pricing ranges in several levels to $96/month.
Cost – Litespeed cache vs WP Rocket


Ecommerce - Litespeed cache vs WP Rocket

When running an online shop many sections of pages aren’t stored in public cache.

WP rocket   This supports e-commerce such as woocommerce by automatically considering cart and checkout pages uncacheable.Pages with this private content are dynamically generated each time and served unreached.Litespeed   This plugin also allows to cache woocommerce and other e-commerce pages.   With esi holes are are punched on a public page.
Ecommerce – Litespeed cache vs WP Rocket


Caching - Litespeed cache vs WP Rocket

Both of them work similar they both provide full-page caching for wordpress. Rather than making your visitors wait for wordpress and php to assemble pages they will work much faster.

WP rocket   It works like all other plugins.It places pages in the cache by writing to the file system, and purges pages from the cache by deleting the files.Litespeed   Works similar to wp rocket.The basic ls cache functions are carried out by lite speed web server’s bulletin cache module.
Caching – Litespeed cache vs WP Rocket

Premium services

Premium services - Litespeed cache vs WP Rocket
WP rocket   It do not offer any extra premium services.Litespeed   This plugin offers image optimization, critical css generation, and lazy load responsive place holder generation for free.All these services are performed remotely in their own servers.
Premium services – Litespeed cache vs WP Rocket


Benchmarks- Litespeed cache vs WP Rocket
WP rocket Apache + wp rocket peaking around 700 requests per second.  Litespeed   Litespeed web server + lscache easily handled close to 4,500 requests per second.Litespeed web server + wp rocket delivered around 3,800 requests per second.
Benchmarks- Litespeed cache vs WP Rocket

Provided features

Provided features - Litespeed cache vs WP Rocket
WP rocket Critical css generation.  Litespeed   Critical css generation.Image optimization.Responsive lazy load placeholder generation.
Provided features – Litespeed cache vs WP Rocket

Know why Litespeed Cache Vs WP Rocket


So, here in this article “LiteSpeed Cache VS WP Rocket” you got to know which one is better! CloudWingsHost provides the cheapest unlimited web hosting, free SSL certificate, free CDN (content delivery network), Litespeed servers with no extra charges.

We make Litespeed as the winner because it covers up all the features as a cache plugin and it is all free, even our company uses LiteSpeed cache plugin now it’s time for yours to select and use a cache plugin.

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