How to install LSCache Plugin on WordPress?

by Paranjay Singh
How To Install LiteSpeed Plugin On WordPress?

So, you want to self-host a WordPress site, and you want to accelerate it with LiteSpeed Cache. That’s great news! LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress can easily be installed through your WordPress Dashboard. However, it requires a LiteSpeed web server in order to function. This guide will walk you through the installation of How to Install LiteSpeed Plugin Cache for WordPress.

LiteSpeed Cache is a server-level cache. The WordPress plugin provides an easy way for site admins to communicate with the server.

How to install LiteSpeed Plugin On WordPress?

So let’s get started and how to install the LiteSpeed plugin (LSCache) plugin on your WordPress website. We are using CloudWingsHost web hosting.

1. Open your WordPress Dashboard. (yourdomain/wp-admin)

2. Click on Plugins and Add New.

WordPress Dashboard
WordPress Dashboard

3. Search for “LiteSpeed” and Click on Install on the Plugin “LiteSpeed Cache”.

Litespeed cache plugin
LiteSpeed Cache Plugin

4. Click “Activate” once it’s done installing. It installs really fast at because of the Cloudlinux technology we use.

Activate litespeed cache plugin
Activate LiteSpeed Cache Plugin

5. Once it’s activated, it will redirect you to the installed plugins page automatically. From here you can click on settings and customize the features in the plugin.

litespeed cache settings
LiteSpeed Cache Settings

For this tutorial, we are leaving it on default settings which do most of the work. We will make another tutorial explaining these settings later.


You are now the proud owner of a self-hosted, LiteSpeed-powered, WordPress site. Enjoy it!


So, in this tutorial, you learned how to install LSCache (Litespeed cache) plugin on your WordPress website. I hope you learned how to do so. If not you can comment down below with your problems we will reply as soon as possible. If you liked our tutorial please comment down below and share it with your friends & family.

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