How to install WordPress using Softaculous installer in cPanel?

by Chandan Singh
Install wordpress using softaculous cPanel

Installing WordPress using Softaculous is really easy. You can install WordPress in one single click but still, people face issues installing WordPress properly. So, in this tutorial, I will teach you how to install WordPress using Softaculous installer in cPanel.

Before starting you need to know what is required to install WordPress using Softaculous.

  • Buy web hosting from a good company such as (CloudWingsHostSitegroundHostinger, etc.) If you have some other web hosting provider, not an issue its the same for all but you need cPanel for this tutorial.

Now to install WordPress you need to follow these steps as this will help you. So, without any delay lets start.

Connect your domain with your web hosting account. (We have already made a dedicated article on this you can check our tutorial if you don’t know how to connect your domain with your web hosting account.)

How To Connect Your Domain With Your Web Hosting Account 2020 (1)
Read this article if you want to learn how to connect your domain with your web hosting account.

So, after you are done connecting your domain with your web hosting account we can now continue with your tutorial.

How to install WordPress using Softaculous installer in cPanel?

Here I am showing you example using CloudWingsHost Web Hosting.

1. Login into your cPanel. To login into CloudWingsHost cPanel : So, now type your cPanel username & password.

cPanel Login

2. Now look for Softaculous Apps Installer in your cPanel under Software & click on it.

cPanel Software

3. You need to find WordPress in Softaculous Apps Installer & click on it.


4. Now you need to install your WordPress.

WordPress Installation

5. Now you need to select the latest version & choose the installation URL.
Now choose the protocol you want it can be anything. Such as http://, http://www., https://, https://www.
Then select the domain where you want to install WordPress. If you want to install your WordPress in your home directory you can leave In Directory. But if you want to install WordPress in some different directory such as /tutorials then you need to type tutorials.
Note:- Default In Directory is wp you need to change as per your choice.

Software Setup

6. Now you need to change site settings. This helps your website look better.

Site Settings

7. Change your admin username, password & email. This helps you to login into your WordPress Dashboard.

Admin Account

8. You can change language according to you.

Choose Language

9. You can select plugins while installing your WordPress. It’s not important but yeah you can do select you need also you can manage plugins.

10. No need to make any changes let this be default. If you want to can change.

11. Now select the theme which you like. You can even let it unselected.

Select Theme

12. Add your email if you want installation details. Then press Install & your WordPress would be installed.

Install WordPress

13. Congratulations, the software was installed successfully.

WordPress Installation Completed

Now you installed WordPress through Softaculous. Now if you want to login to your WordPress Dashboard you need to type /wp-admin after your domain & directory. Then you need to enter your username & password so that you can log in to your WordPress Dashboard.


So, in this tutorial, you learned how to install WordPress using Softaculous installer in cPanel. I hope you learned a lot & if you have any issues you can comment down below so that I can help you. Let me know your reviews down below on this tutorial.

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